The Mona Lisa

In Da Vinci’s great picture, The Mona Lisa,

the critics go round, they go round and

around, and they ponder her smile and

the fold of her hands and they ponder

the rumor of a stomachus tumor

or postpartum bloat and they write dissertations

and take their vacations to leer in the Louvre

at the Number One Oeuvre, of the woman who knows

to keep her mouth shut, lest she release the canary

she was told  to hold by the maestro  himself

in Da Vinci’s great picture,  The Mona Lisa.


(with apologies to William Carlos Williams)

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One thought on “The Mona Lisa

  1. Melody Steers

    The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams : …one of my favorite poems. I love this poem, ‘The Mona Lisa’. I love that the background left side compared to right side is out of perspective in that painting.

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